Cool Well ‘SiteCool’


The Cool Well ‘SiteCool’ is an adaptation of the Cool Well technology to the vertical market of construction and field service.   It is designed primarily for service technicians who routinely face the most […]

PerfectPour Quick-Release Funnel


The Perfect Pour Funnel gives users accurate pour control by integrating a trigger actuated release valve.  Unlike competing products, it requires only one hand to release, and can be easily cleaned between uses.  The […]


Designed to perfect the shortcomings of its competitors, the ScrubStik features an angled scrub face to help users scour difficult-to-reach surfaces in deep glasses and pans.  It also provides users with an ergonomic grip […]

MediaCore – Home Data Hub

The MediaCore is a highly upgradeable home media server designed to be showcased rather than hidden away.  It was designed to accommodate standardized PC hardware through modular sockets which allow users to easily upgrade […]

Learn-N-Play Fire Rescue

Using simple, low-cost circuitry to drive an array of visual and audio stimuli, The Learn-N-Play Fire Rescue combines fun-time with learning time.  The product features rubberized wheels and motion activated lights & sirens to […]