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Bryan Falk
Bryan FalkIndustrial Designer & Solidworks CSWP (Surfacing)
Responsible for a wide range of design services including: Industrial Design, CAD development (with an emphasis on manufacturability and production-profitability), product renderings and illustrations for marketing, and turnkey prototype & production sourcing.

Some of my highlights

My Background and Experience
I grew up in a family of Mechanical Engineers and Machinists and as such, spending time in machine shops, tearing apart products to decipher how and why they worked was a natural part of my everyday world.   As I got older, I found myself straining to find a career path that allowed me to compliment my mechanical heritage with my overwhelming desire to express my own creative vision.   As it turned out, Industrial Design, which is the fusion of mechanical design, artistic visualization, and a touch of Sci-Fi,  was a perfect fit!  I studied both engineering and architecture, and graduated with honors (in Industrial Design) from Arizona State University, and have been working professionally in the field for over 18 years.
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