A Few Samples of our Past Work

Over the years we’ve been given the opportunity to work on quite a diverse array of projects; ranging from life-saving medical devices, to children’s educational toys. Every product has offered its own unique set of challenges and once conquered, left us with a profound sense of pride. Though we can’t show them all publicly, the collection of the projects showcased below should give you a good sense of our design style, and a reflection of the elegant-simplicity that we try to imbue into every design that passes through our doors. Clicking on any product will take you to a dedicated page that outlines our role in the design process and also offers up additional imagery and animations/videos (when applicable).

‘Wrap Buddies’ gift wrapping tool

Wrap Buddies are designed for people who want to make wrapping gifts easier and faster. Two clamps hold a roll of wrapping paper just above the worksurface of a countertop or table. They allow […]

Aesthetics Biomedical: Vivace Ultra

Vivace Ultra™ is a radiofrequency microneedling treatment that combines two unique technologies into one personalized treatment. It uses linear array ultrasound technology to visually map the skin across its large interface, allowing users to […]

‘Sanidoo’: self-contained pooper-scooper

Lisa approached IdeaWorks with the goal of developing a portable, hands-off solution to cleaning up fresh doggo-doo. While using traditional poo bags certainly got the job done, the sensation and experience felt by […]

‘Pour Caddy’ stealth/mobile barkeep

Designed to LOOK exactly like traditional insulated bottles, Pour Caddy is actually a stealthy modular system that features a double-insulated chamber for spirits, a specialized ‘long-pour’ nozzle, and a hidden set of small shot […]

AeroMist ‘MistFan’


When it comes to advanced mist cooling and fog effects, AeroMist has always had some of the most impressive products around.  So when they approached IdeaWorks to design a ‘non-industrial’ looking ceiling fan that […]

GlobalStar ‘Sat-Fi2’


The GlobalStar ‘Sat-Fi2’ is a messaging, voice, and data wifi hot spot that sends its data to a network of satellites instead of through a traditional hardwired modem; this allows users to access data […]

Gardner ‘FlyWeb 2020’


Gardner approached us to re-design their popular UV-Flytrap, both to give the product line a new look and feel, and also to increase the contact-surface area for greater effectiveness. After generating a series of […]

‘Choyce Products’ Specimen Containers

Choyce Products manufactures and distributes, among many things, specimen containers for medical labs across the US.  Traditionally, these containers are typically designed primarily for the patients; with little attention paid toward the nurses and […]

‘StayHealthy BC6’ BodyComp Analyzer


The StayHealthy line of BodyComp analyzers measures body fat content and hydration levels by passing electrical current from one hand to the other (through the users arms and torso).  Users need only place their […]

YoYoFactory ‘ShapeShift’

Mainstream yoyos come primarily in two body styles: the smaller “looping” style for fast out-n-back tricks; and larger “string-trick” bodies for landing and intertwining the yoyo on its own string.  The YoYoFactory ‘ShapeShift’ gives […]

Noraxon ‘Ultium-EMG’


The Noraxon Ultium-EMG is an advanced Electromyography system that uses an array of Micro-EMG sensors to precisely capture, synchronize and analyze high-fidelity biomechanics data in real-time.  The Pods, which are packed with hardware, were […]

Engen Fitness ‘Active Motion Platform’


The team at Engen Fitness spent several years developing their new ‘Active Motion Platform’, a Cardio / Core / Strength / Stretch machine that provides users with a zero-impact workout based on natural movement […]

AndarWallet “Pilot”

Designed to provide instant access to up to 6 cards via a flick of the thumb-wheel, the Andar Wallet ‘Pilot’  presents its user with an everyday carry that’s meant to be noticed.   The housing […]

‘SOLARable’ Energy Monitor


SOLARable is a wall-mounted device meant to provide comprehensive performance monitoring of both wind and solar generators. Through its remote up-link, users can track power output against electrical demand, monitor and predict remaining […]

‘SPOT-X’ 2-Way Satellite Messenger

In collaboration with Phoenix Analysis and Design (PADT),  IdeaWorks worked closely with Spot’s development team to create a fresh new look that embraces the familiarity of classic 2-way communication platforms, while also honoring the longstanding […]

Evil Controllers ‘Evil Shift’

Designed specifically with eSports-Pros in mind, the ‘Evil-Shift’ controller features an array of upgrades that minimize fatigue, increase reaction time, and also add new controls for the (otherwise idle) index and middle fingers.  These […]

iFDR Tablet and iPhone Mounts for Avionics


The ‘iFDR’ family of mounting docks were designed to provide pilots with flush-mounting capabilities for their flight-system iDevices (iPhones + iPads).  In addition to positioning the display in close proximity with of their traditional […]

SCA3600 – Support Removal System

Phoenix Analysis and Design Technologies (PADT) developed their SCA line of products specifically to help with the removal of the structural supports used in additive manufacturing processes. The SCA3600 features powerful agitators which continually […]

“Handy Hideaway” Toiletry Organization System

The ‘Handy Hideaway’ was designed to provide users with a low-profile, large-volume privacy cabinet for placement within arms reach of a toilet. It was designed specifically to use the unused space between […]

‘Demon’ Beach Cruiser

Designing Bicycles is one of those projects that only comes along on a Blue Moon; so when we were approached with a frame concept for a local custom shop; we were very excited to […]

‘myPHR+ Fusion’ Fitness & Medical Reference


The ‘myPHR+ Fusion’ was designed not only as a fitness tracker, but also a medical information archive that could be invaluable to healthcare professionals in the event of an emergency. The unit features a […]

‘Accushield’ Verification Kiosk


Accushield is a front entry, digital, sign-in kiosk that screens and verifies third-party vendors and service providers. This proprietary technology verifies with a photo that every third party vendor and service provider meets community […]

SmartPractice ‘TruVol-20’


The ‘TruVol-20’ is a precision allergen dispenser designed to provide a highly-repeatable, precise dose of allergen while maintaining the low-cost “disposability” of a traditional allergen kit. Typically, allergen tests require an array […]

SmartPractice ‘TruVol-10′


The ‘TruVol-10′ is a click-action, precision allergen dispenser designed to provide an exact dose of allergen using a single depression of the user’s thumb. Allergens are traditionally stored in sealed medical syringes to […]

‘SPOT Gen3’ Personal GPS Tracker

In collaboration with Phoenix Analysis and Design (PADT),  IdeaWorks provided the Industrial Design and Concept Development services needed to define and refine a new and unique ‘personality’ for the next generation of the Spot […]

‘SPOT Trace’ Asset Tracking Device


In collaboration with Phoenix Analysis and Design Technologies (PADT),  IdeaWorks provided Industrial Design and Concept Development services in order to assure SPOT ‘Trace’  shared a recognizable look and feel with its sibling product line. […]

‘Weil Mini’ CPR Chest Compressor

The Weil™ Mini Chest Compressor is a pneumatically driven piston device that provides the optimal 100 chest compressions per minute with 2 inches in depth. Once securely in place, the Weil™ Mini provides consistent […]

The ‘Interlock Cup’

The Interlock Cup provides discretion to its users by cleverly disguising their ignition interlock device (AKA breathalyzer)  in the guise of a common Beverage cup.   It  is designed to fit most vehicle cup […]

Ulthera Ultrasound Visualization


In collaboration with Pipeline Engineering, IdeaWorks imported and rigged the end-clients’ production CAD data to create a series of high quality illustrations and animations intended to outline the capabilities and functionality of their flagship […]

The ‘CoalCap’

Originally intended to reduce coal blow-off in populated areas, The CoalCap provided significant enhancements to rail aerodynamics which reduced fuel costs while allowing mining operations to easily retrofit their existing fleet and fill / […]

Expanding Sleep Apnea Mask


CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) masks are primarily designed to combat airway restriction in users that have trouble with sleep apnea.  Traditional masks come in two configurations: Nasal or full-face coverage.  For this project […]

Iridium 9575 Docking Station


More than just a docking station for the Iridium 9575 Handset, this device provides complete Voice and Data connectivity, GPS tracking, and instant messaging to networks and PBX systems in off-grid locations. Built for […]

Med-Q: Smart medication storage system


Med-Q’s smart pill box is an affordable, easy-to-use medication reminder device that helps people take the correct medication on time. It has a built-in alarm and compartment-specific LED lighting that flashes to remind users […]

SplashFX Marketing Imagery

Dramatic packaging photography is hard enough without the challenge of trying to capture splash effects to enhance the shot.  The following projects feature 100% computer-rendered imagery and CG water effects which enable us to […]

LiteFX – Eclipse

Designed as the ultimate nightclub promo product, the ‘Eclipse’ glassware line uses high-output, color-changing LED’s to project customized artwork and Marketing messages onto tables and bar tops.  It is constructed from nearly indestructible plastic […]

Olive Soap

Designed primarily for woman, the ‘Olive’ soap line infuses aromachology and exfoliating bath salts into a bar that is easily replaced by well stocked mall Kiosks.  Users are encouraged to mix and match their […]

Evil Controllers ‘Evil D-Pad’

Designed to improve upon Microsoft’s award Winning X-Box Controllers, the ‘Evil D-Pad’ replaces the standard issue tilt-pad with a high-precision four-way D-pad.  This change gives both professional and recreational gamers fewer miss-strikes, faster combos, […]

The ASE ‘ComCenter Indoor’


The ‘ComCenter Indoor’ provides both voice and data connectivity to its users, regardless of their location on the planet, thanks to its direct connection to Iridium’s expansive satellite network.  Designed primarily for maritime and […]

CO Guardian – Pulse Oximeter

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Pilots of Small Aircraft often travel at altitudes where thinning oxygen levels can impair judgment and safety.  The Pulse Oximeter was developed to help pilots to track their Blood-Oxygen levels throughout their flight path, […]

Krank Golf – Rage Long Driver

The Rage Driver was designed and developed to produce tremendous ball speeds and improve upon ball dispersion, while maintaining compliance with extremely strict weight and volume requirements.  The resulting product has resulted in staggering […]

Never Quit Grip

Designers of the original AR15 / M16 / M4 Assault Rifles never intended the magazine well to be used as a grip area, but for tactical users in close-combat situations, this location provides the […]

LoungeCrafters ‘Eagles Nest’

Tailgate partiers, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the Eagles Nest, not only for its brag-worthiness, but also for its complete attention to compact portability and lavish outdoor comfort.  The Eagles Nest is […]

9555 Handset Docking Station


More than just a docking station for the Iridium 9555 Handset, this device provides complete Voice and Data connectivity to networks and PBX systems in maritime vessels and off-grid locations. Primarily built for abusive […]

ASE ComCenter ‘OutDoor II’


The OutDoor IIG is primarily designed for maritime, emergency response, and other off-grid locations where two-way satellite connectivity is needed.  It sports a watertight case with features designed to ease the pain of awkward […]

The Cool Well ‘CarryCool’

The Cool Well ‘CarryCool’ an adaptation of the Cool Well technology to the vertical market of office and travel use.  In technology testing, this device provided a 400% increase in both air speed and […]

Cool Well ‘SiteCool’


The Cool Well ‘SiteCool’ is an adaptation of the Cool Well technology to the vertical market of construction and field service.   It is designed primarily for service technicians who routinely face the most […]

PerfectPour Quick-Release Funnel


The Perfect Pour Funnel gives users accurate pour control by integrating a trigger actuated release valve.  Unlike competing products, it requires only one hand to release, and can be easily cleaned between uses.  The […]

The Cool Well Ice-Powered A/C


The Cool Well was the result of several continuous years of development using ice to provide truly-usable, environment-friendly, air conditioning.  The Cool Well uses a single moving part, and an elaborate system of turbulence-inducing […]


Designed to perfect the shortcomings of its competitors, the ScrubStik features an angled scrub face to help users scour difficult-to-reach surfaces in deep glasses and pans.  It also provides users with an ergonomic grip […]

MediaCore – Home Data Hub

The MediaCore is a highly upgradeable home media server designed to be showcased rather than hidden away.  It was designed to accommodate standardized PC hardware through modular sockets which allow users to easily upgrade […]

Learn-N-Play Fire Rescue

Using simple, low-cost circuitry to drive an array of visual and audio stimuli, The Learn-N-Play Fire Rescue combines fun-time with learning time.  The product features rubberized wheels and motion activated lights & sirens to […]