Project Description

Lisa approached IdeaWorks with the goal of developing a portable, hands-off solution to cleaning up fresh doggo-doo. While using traditional poo bags certainly got the job done, the sensation and experience felt by the users (retrieving AND carrying) left MUCH to be desired. After exploring several concepts, we settled on a miniature drop-claw design which allows the user precise control without any direct physical contact. Additionally, the bag protects the claw from contamination so even after use, its the product stays clean and “car friendly”. For multi-doggo families, we also devised a swing bar mechanism to pinch the bag between loads, allowing several doo-bombs to be scooped up (and easily carried) in a single bag. We stylized Sanidoo to look like a typical shopping bag to avoid any embarrassment. Sanidoo took the 2022 Pet Innovation award, has been showcased on QVC, and was recently picked up by several retail chains.