About IdeaWorks

We’re not just another brick-n-mortar design firm, but rather a network of Design professionals who have passion for Digital Design, Engineering, and Computer Graphics.


Who We Are

In short … we’re Visionaries; trained and practiced in the art of taking a product idea from a napkin sketch to a production-ready, market-optimized final design.


What We Do

We help our clients hone their next idea into market- savvy, manufacturing-friendly products that not only fill a need, they cultivate a new way of thinking.


Where We Work

We’re based out of Phoenix Arizona, but we service inventors, start-ups, small businesses and large corporations across most of North America.


Why Choose Us

We’ve established a streamlined process that allows us to offer Expert Design Services from Senior-Level Designers & Engineers at Surprisingly Affordable Rates.

The Value we Offer

We’re many things to many people, but above all, we’re gear-head-artists with hands-on experience with manufacturing and a passion for product styling and grace. We stay in business thanks to our repeat customers and their word-of-mouth recommendations. To that end, we go great distances to ensure our customers remain completely involved in the design process and on track with their timeline and budgets.


For Entrepreneurs

We’re your guide to the world of product development, your co-author for the perfect investment package, and your advisor for all things technical and artistic.

Entrepreneur Testimonials

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"They are truly gifted in the art of engineering and design...and know how to work with and expand the vision of a person's idea."

-Alec C., (Arizona)

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"They are creative industrial designers that are very knowledgeable about their craft."

-Andre' N., (California)

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"They've taken my initial design and created a manufacturer friendly, ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing product at a very competitive cost."

-David E., (Arizona)

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"I can't tell you how much I enjoy contemplating the possibilities; They've given me great hope and the missing link to explore new ideas"

-Gary D., (California)

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"They put forth a tremendous effort above and beyond my expectations... I am excited about the potential that my idea now has."

-Steve M., (Arizona)


For Start-Ups

We’re your specialists in design-for-manufacturability, your market-media artists,  and your on-call designers for all things related to the product lifecycle.

Start-Up Testimonials

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"IdeaWorks took the time to understand our product needs and market to deliver an exceptional prototype on time and in budget."

-Juliana C., (Crisp Enterprises)

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"They took a challenging design and made it into a masterpiece. Throughout the process they were very responsive, professional and extremely knowledgeable."

-Rami L. (Energy Dynamics)

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"They supplied us with Engineering, Design, Packaging, Photorealistic Renderings and more. I can't imagine not having their services."

-Derek M., (ToothGrip)

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"I would not have been able to get the ball rolling if it wasn't for their assistance in the designing, they did an excellent job!"

-Shawn S., (Perfect Pour)

For Corporations

We’re your on-demand resource when time is running out, your fresh perspective to unexplored directions, and your specialized talent when it is needed the most.

Corporate Testimonials

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"They understand manufacturing and production extremely well - ensuring that the products created can be produced profitably."

-Robert W. (Slipstream Labs)

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"IdeaWorks is the best Mechanical Design Company we have ever worked with. Their pricing was very reasonable and under budget."

-Ash V., (CO Guardian)

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"Working with IdeaWorks has been tremendous for us. Their attention to detail and design toward manufacturability are unsurpassed."

-Bill R., (ASE Corp.)

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"You will be amazed the value for the money and the way your ideas will go from in-your-head to in-your-hand with professionalism and ease."

-Hans V., (YoYoFactory)

Compare Us to Our Competitors

Arizona IdeaWorks was born out of a clear “need” for a better solution than what traditional design consultancies could offer. We’ve rewritten the business model in order to streamline the design process while providing a caliber of service once offered only to deep-pocket corporations. Here are just a few advantages of using us…

Other Firms

Some firms employ 1-2 experienced designers to oversee the efforts of many younger, entry-level designers. This allows them to charge higher rates while maintaining lower payroll expenditures.

At Arizona IdeaWorks

We cherry-pick and network with design professionals who have been in the industry at least 10 years to ensure that important design decisions are never made by someone still learning the ropes.


Other Firms

Some design firms isolate their customers from their manufacturers. This “turn-key” strategy allows them to silently turn a significant profit from every order you place, both now and in the future.

At Arizona IdeaWorks

We’re happy to let YOU interface with our favorite factories which means you’ll see a cost savings while also maintaining free control to negotiate your own terms with the supplier of your choice.


Other Firms

Some firms maintain large facilities designed to induce trust from new prospects through apparent past success. This added overhead is often offset by higher rates and fewer “behind the curtain” resources for the staff.

At Arizona IdeaWorks

Robust video collaboration and desktop-sharing tools allow our designers to work remotely, which results in significantly lower overhead while simultaneously giving our designers the tools they need to work efficiently.


Other Firms

Some design firms maintain a secretive bubble around themselves; avoiding the involvement of any outside specialists in favor of letting their in-house staff “learn as they go”

At Arizona IdeaWorks

We have partnerships with specialists in the industry whenever a project is in need of a skillset we cannot provide.  This collaborative harmony ensures fewer revisions and quicker turn-around.


Other Firms

Some design firms strategically position “Directors” or “Account Reps” between designers and clients to obscure staff reassignments and/or filter communication through a single point contact or salesman.

At Arizona IdeaWorks

We believe that a direct line of communication is the only way the designer can truly understand the needs of the client, and that maintaining an open channels assures the most efficient design cycle.