IdeaWorks “Design Brief” Questionnaire

Any good business usually starts with a Business plan; and similarly, any good product design usually starts with a Design Brief.  Not only is it a great tool to help you convey your vision to a 3rd party; but it also forces you to think about some of the characteristics of your target demographic and product’s functionality that you may not have fully considered.  It’s important to note that not all of the questions below are relevant to every product; but collectively, they do a fantastic job in helping us to understand where you’d like to go with your project.

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Design-Brief Questionaire

1 General Information, Overview and Purpose
2 Users, Distribution and Key Benefits
3 Styling, Lineage and Competition
  • A little about you

  • If you were referred, who can we thank?
  • An overview of the project

  • Even an informal name would be acceptable here
  • Sometimes words just cant explain an idea as well as a quick sketch or a photo or a CAD mock-up. If you've got any "visuals" that might help us understand where you're headed; feel free to upload them here. (size limit 15MB)