Design for MFG

ASE ComCenter ‘OutDoor II’


The OutDoor IIG is primarily designed for maritime, emergency response, and other off-grid locations where two-way satellite connectivity is needed.  It sports a watertight case with features designed to ease the pain of awkward […]

PerfectPour Quick-Release Funnel


The Perfect Pour Funnel gives users accurate pour control by integrating a trigger actuated release valve.  Unlike competing products, it requires only one hand to release, and can be easily cleaned between uses.  The […]

The Cool Well Ice-Powered A/C


The Cool Well was the result of several continuous years of development using ice to provide truly-usable, environment-friendly, air conditioning.  The Cool Well uses a single moving part, and an elaborate system of turbulence-inducing […]

Learn-N-Play Fire Rescue

Using simple, low-cost circuitry to drive an array of visual and audio stimuli, The Learn-N-Play Fire Rescue combines fun-time with learning time.  The product features rubberized wheels and motion activated lights & sirens to […]