‘Wrap Buddies’ gift wrapping tool

Wrap Buddies are designed for people who want to make wrapping gifts easier and faster. Two clamps hold a roll of wrapping paper just above the worksurface of a countertop or table. They allow […]

‘Sanidoo’: self-contained pooper-scooper

Lisa approached IdeaWorks with the goal of developing a portable, hands-off solution to cleaning up fresh doggo-doo. While using traditional poo bags certainly got the job done, the sensation and experience felt by […]

‘Pour Caddy’ stealth/mobile barkeep

Designed to LOOK exactly like traditional insulated bottles, Pour Caddy is actually a stealthy modular system that features a double-insulated chamber for spirits, a specialized ‘long-pour’ nozzle, and a hidden set of small shot […]

AeroMist ‘MistFan’


When it comes to advanced mist cooling and fog effects, AeroMist has always had some of the most impressive products around.  So when they approached IdeaWorks to design a ‘non-industrial’ looking ceiling fan that […]

GlobalStar ‘Sat-Fi2’


The GlobalStar ‘Sat-Fi2’ is a messaging, voice, and data wifi hot spot that sends its data to a network of satellites instead of through a traditional hardwired modem; this allows users to access data […]

Gardner ‘FlyWeb 2020’


Gardner approached us to re-design their popular UV-Flytrap, both to give the product line a new look and feel, and also to increase the contact-surface area for greater effectiveness. After generating a series of […]

‘StayHealthy BC6’ BodyComp Analyzer


The StayHealthy line of BodyComp analyzers measures body fat content and hydration levels by passing electrical current from one hand to the other (through the users arms and torso).  Users need only place their […]

YoYoFactory ‘ShapeShift’

Mainstream yoyos come primarily in two body styles: the smaller “looping” style for fast out-n-back tricks; and larger “string-trick” bodies for landing and intertwining the yoyo on its own string.  The YoYoFactory ‘ShapeShift’ gives […]

Noraxon ‘Ultium-EMG’


The Noraxon Ultium-EMG is an advanced Electromyography system that uses an array of Micro-EMG sensors to precisely capture, synchronize and analyze high-fidelity biomechanics data in real-time.  The Pods, which are packed with hardware, were […]

Engen Fitness ‘Active Motion Platform’


The team at Engen Fitness spent several years developing their new ‘Active Motion Platform’, a Cardio / Core / Strength / Stretch machine that provides users with a zero-impact workout based on natural movement […]