Project Description

The ‘TruVol-20’ is a precision allergen dispenser designed to provide a highly-repeatable, precise dose of allergen while maintaining the low-cost “disposability” of a traditional allergen kit. Typically, allergen tests require an array of precisely dosed samples to be placed upon the patient’s skin, and while placement using traditional means was fairly straightforward using the clients grid-system; variations in dosages sometimes clouded the results of the testing. The goal of the TruVol-20 project was to give medical staff a very easy, and highly repeatable device that could administer the proper dosage through a precision tip, without challenging the disposable nature (price-point) of the Allergen Kit as a whole. Each device is designed to snap on to an existing medical syringe while still allowing the color-coding labels and chemical markers to remain visible. The aggressive goal for the product was to achieve a mean-volume tolerance of +/- 10%; but the final product went far beyond that target by deviating only +/-3%.