Regardless how you might feel about MacOS as a daily platform, there is no denying that Apple has a long history of flipping design standards on their heads in order to advance technology as a whole. Few products represent this notion as clearly as the mechanical layout and thermal design new Mac Pro.   For years we’ve lived with computers sold in little rectangular boxes, packed with PC boards, memory, drives, and a whole mess of wiring to connect it all together.   Its refreshing to see Apple’s’ engineers found a way to wrap the rectangular hardware around a common heatsink core, and then cool that core with one very large, low RPM centrifugal fan (an air moving technology typically reserved for Heating / Cooling in our homes).  Not only does it eliminate air from having to travel through card and wire zones, but the upright design takes advantage of the natural physics that has moved air up chimneys for centuries.  Not to throw out a overused cliche’ but way to ‘think out of the box’ Apple!