Project Description

Designed specifically with eSports-Pros in mind, the ‘Evil-Shift’ controller features an array of upgrades that minimize fatigue, increase reaction time, and also add new controls for the (otherwise idle) index and middle fingers.  These new rear-mounted paddles are designed to ergonomically adapt to the diversity of its users by independently registering presses by as little as 0.80mm, even at severely skewed angles.  We also brought back Evils famed “Evil Sticks” in a new format that allows on-the-fly interchangeability of stick length (from short/quick lengths to long/precise lengths) and head styles; all without ever having to stop the game or disassemble the controller.  Unique designs were developed specifically for both for ‘Xbox One’ and also ‘Playstation’ platform controllers.

IdeaWorks also developed a series of installation and calibration jigs to reduce reject rates while dramatically increasing the production volume per hour.