Industrial Design

FireFly ‘Prism’ and ‘Fire-Lite’

Design primarily as a portable illuminator, the FireFly ‘Prism’ is intended to be an elegant and durable accessory to fine handbags;  while its younger sibling, the ‘FireLite”, is intended to fill a multifunctional demand […]

Evil Controllers ‘Evil D-Pad’

Designed to improve upon Microsoft’s award Winning X-Box Controllers, the ‘Evil D-Pad’ replaces the standard issue tilt-pad with a high-precision four-way D-pad.  This change gives both professional and recreational gamers fewer miss-strikes, faster combos, […]

The ASE ‘ComCenter Indoor’


The ‘ComCenter Indoor’ provides both voice and data connectivity to its users, regardless of their location on the planet, thanks to its direct connection to Iridium’s expansive satellite network.  Designed primarily for maritime and […]

The Toothgrip

Not only does the ToothGrip give users simple and easy access to their Bluetooth headset, but also a hard shell for protection.  It features a rotating 360-degree clip, which allows for greater flexibility in […]

CO Guardian – Pulse Oximeter

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Pilots of Small Aircraft often travel at altitudes where thinning oxygen levels can impair judgment and safety.  The Pulse Oximeter was developed to help pilots to track their Blood-Oxygen levels throughout their flight path, […]

Krank Golf – Rage Long Driver

The Rage Driver was designed and developed to produce tremendous ball speeds and improve upon ball dispersion, while maintaining compliance with extremely strict weight and volume requirements.  The resulting product has resulted in staggering […]

Never Quit Grip

Designers of the original AR15 / M16 / M4 Assault Rifles never intended the magazine well to be used as a grip area, but for tactical users in close-combat situations, this location provides the […]

LoungeCrafters ‘Eagles Nest’

Tailgate partiers, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate the Eagles Nest, not only for its brag-worthiness, but also for its complete attention to compact portability and lavish outdoor comfort.  The Eagles Nest is […]

9555 Handset Docking Station


More than just a docking station for the Iridium 9555 Handset, this device provides complete Voice and Data connectivity to networks and PBX systems in maritime vessels and off-grid locations. Primarily built for abusive […]

Cool Well ‘RoomCool’


The Cool Well ‘RoomCool’ an adaptation of the Cool Well technology to the vertical market of home and shop use.  It features a large capacity, side-load ice storage bin and an interchangeable output vent. […]