Project Description

The ‘TruVol-10′ is a click-action, precision allergen dispenser designed to provide an exact dose of allergen using a single depression of the user’s thumb. Allergens are traditionally stored in sealed medical syringes to prevent contamination and oxidation. Unfortunately, these syringes don’t provide an easy means to deliver repeatable micro-doses. Worse, substituting a standard pipette presentsd significant risks for contamination and proves to be cost-prohibitive when dealing with sheer number of allergens needed for basic tests. Research also revealed that the inherent friction between a syringe body and its piston created a pressure “build-and-release” effect that resulted in medical staff overdosing their sample tray. The TruVol-10 overcomes these problems first by allowing the material to remain stored and applied from within its original syringe, and by mechanically twisting the syringe piston as it advanced each measured dose.