Project Description

When it comes to advanced mist cooling and fog effects, AeroMist has always had some of the most impressive products around.  So when they approached IdeaWorks to design a ‘non-industrial’ looking ceiling fan that was powerful enough to efficiently cool large areas while also being agreeable enough to place above public and private patios;  I jumped at the chance to help!   The MistFan features an efficient ducted-fan style air tunnel with a strategically designed pattern of radial vanes that carefully “steer” (without slowing!) the airflow into a conical pattern ranging from 30 to 60 degrees off axis.  Mist is then injected into that conical curtain, which allows it to diffuse evenly outward instead of falling on, and soaking users below.  The result is a people-friendly cooling system that can drop the ambient temperature of an outdoor living space by up to 30 degrees(F).  The air-tunnel housing (which can be custom labelled with venue or event branding) also provides nearly silent operation at low speeds while reserving the capability to blow vapor across large spaces on high.